Do You Wear Makeup to Yoga Class?

Are you ever self-conscious about your appearance, even if you happen to be headed to the yoga studio? Female yogis often give into the mainstream media’s influence that they should be picture-perfect at all times. Many experienced yogis who try to follow the traditional yogic philosophy may wonder whether wearing makeup to yoga class interferes with the intention of the practice.

One of the prominent Yoga Sutras from Patanjali refers to having compassion and love for yourself. This sutra is often left open to interpretation, and each yogi will have their own impression of what it means. How does having self-love and compassion for your body apply to wearing makeup?

Makeup is fundamentally designed to alter your outward appearance. Whether you want to wear thick black eyeliner or a thin coat of foundation, the end goal is to make yourself more beautiful than you were before. If you truly loved and accepted yourself the way you are, it would seem that makeup may be an unnecessary addition to your morning routine.

In particular, it may not truly be necessary to wear your cosmetics to a yoga class.

A yoga class is designed to be a sacred space and a time when you can focus on integrating your mind, body, and breath. This sacred space shouldn’t need any frills or extra effort to modify your outward appearance.

However, some yogis may put on their makeup because it’s a practice that makes them feel better about themselves. It could easily be argued that wearing makeup is an act of self-love and compassion in these circumstances. Self-love can take many different forms, and all yogis should have an open mind about what that entails for others.

Having an open mind to interpret the Yoga Sutras in your own way is an important part of embracing the yogic philosophy. You may have to consider the intention behind the practice of wearing makeup before coming to a final judgment.

From a less philosophical standpoint, wearing makeup to your yoga class may not even be in the best interest of your skin. A rigorous yoga practice will cause you to sweat, but makeup isn’t designed to hold up under these circumstances. The combination of perspiration and foundation may clog the pores and lead to breakouts.

Wearing makeup to a yoga class is ultimately bound to be an intensely personal issue. It depends on your interpretation of the Yoga Sutras and your view of cosmetic items. Take some time to truly evaluate the reasons why you choose or desire to wear makeup. This may help you to decide where you stand on this prominent issue.

It should be noted that it is essential to yoga philosophy to select cosmetic items that are non-harming, another core tenet of traditional teachings. This allows your cosmetic items to be beneficial for your own personal life and experiences, as well as the environment. You can truly embrace both yoga and cosmetic items when you ensure that they are responsibly-sourced.

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